Monday, November 26, 2012

26 NOVEMBER 2012

Yesterday afternoon we checked into the Island View Casino and Resort in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Unfortunately we think that Lady Luck may have checked into the casino down the road, cause she sure wasn't with us today.  We spent the day doing our best but the casino won decisively.  I even called my buddy Hink for some advice and even that didn't work.
Tomorrow we have a short ride, only about ten miles down Highway 98 along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico to a new Casino and Resort, the beautiful Beau Rivage.  Hopefully that's where we will find Lady Luck.  The weather is gorgeous and we may have to take the long way around just to enjoy the trip.  We don't have any pictures for today because you can't take photographs in the casino.  Only the guilty would object.
For those of you that follow the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives program, there's a barbecue joint just down I-10 at exit 57, the exit for Ocean Springs.  It just might be on the menu for a drop in lunch.  We've stopped there long before the program made them famous and it was much better before they were discovered.
Until tomorrow and better luck.  We still haven't seen any evidence of damage from Hurricane Isaac.  The locals here say it was mostly wind and a little bit of water from the surge but no apparent damage.

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