Friday, November 30, 2012

29 NOVEMBER 2012

We had a gorgeous day to ride, and a gorgeous time at the Beau. 

A nice lady volunteered to take our picture last night and we think she did a good job.
However, we did have to leave today and decided to leave very early and make it a one day ride back home.  We don't normally plan on making a 542 mile ride unless we've been on the road for some time and are in pretty good riding shape, but the weather is perfect, a little cool to start but not a cloud and as we get on I-10 heading east the traffic is pretty light.  Sometimes riding into the rising sun can be problematic with the glare but it doesn't seem to bad this morning.  
     We had clear sailing until we got to the western edge of Mobile, Alabama and an accident on the Interstate caused about a 25 minute slow down and gave my left hand and the clutch a good work out stopping and starting.
 The long tunnel under Mobile Bay was pretty clear of traffic again and we were surprised it wasn't clobbered because of the accident.
After the tunnel it was smooth sailing into Florida.  We made a quick stop for fuel and breakfast in Pensacola and then put the hammer down and let the Wing do it's Thing.  It was great and some of the fall/winter colors along I-10 were very pretty.
Traffic stayed light all the way to I-75 south and as usual picked up quite a bit from Lake City all the way to Leesburg and the entrance to the turnpike.  But is was a great day on the road and we were pulling into our driveway at 5: 15 and glad to make it before it started to get dark.  It wasn't a huge ride, only 1,246 miles over six days, but it was Winging It Our Way.  Can't wait to think up something for December.

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