Thursday, October 18, 2012

14&15 October, 2012 The Andersons

14&15 October, 2012

Sunday and Monday

The weather is even better today and we don’t have far to go.  After a great and fun air show yesterday all we have to do today is ride from Culpeper to Fairfax for a visit with long time Marine friends, The Anderson’s.  Since Joe was one of the pilots yesterday, Marsha will be our guide to their house while Joe takes the Harrier back to its base.

     It’s about a 60 mile trip and takes a little over an hour.  Sunday afternoon traffic is a little heavy at times but this is the Washington D.C. area.

     Marsha even left the ride side of their garage empty so the Wing had a nice dry place to park.  Late Sunday afternoon it started to cloud up and Monday the forecast was for rain.

     We had a lovely evening with our friends and on Monday had a tour of the Fairfax county Sheriff’s air division.  One of the Anderson’s daughter’s is a Fairfax police officer, so she had one of her pals fix us up with the tour.

     Her friend Tammay  gave us a complete tour of the new Bell 429 helicopter that is especially designed for medical and police emergencies.
     The changes is technology are absolutely amazing to an “Old” helicopter pilot.  Tammay had just used some of the advanced technology to make an amazing rescue of a seven year old autistic boy who was lost in a woods.  She actually discovered the child was walking in a stream.  It was a pretty amazing rescue.

     It was a good thing we’d decided to hold up on Monday because the weather would have been horrible for a Wing ride.  It also gave us a chance to spend the entire day hanging out with two of our very favorite people and some of their family.  Joe loves to cook and is a bit of a “Foody” and Marsha is also a whiz in the kitchen, so dinner was really something.

                        Marsha working on a vegetable pie and Joe grilling some salmon.

It was a great meal, a great night, and the special treat was we were joined for dinner by their daughter Jane and granddaughter Kelly.  We don’t get to see them very often so when we do it’s always special.  It made it hard to leave .

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