Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summary of the Ride

21 October 2012
It felt strange to wake up this morning and not put on our clothes and get on the Wing.  The ride is officially over and we had a great time.  Renewed some old friendships, enjoyed some wonderful hospitality and even with a little cold weather for riding, generally had a great time.
     We wanted to experience some of the great motorcycle rides available in Southern Indiana and hoped to catch a few of the spectacular fall colors.  I think we managed to accomplished it all and were really glad to share it with all of you that followed along.

The rides really were spectacular and if you can get there it's well worth the effort, even if it's a little on the cool side.
     Marguerite kept good notes so here is a summary of some of the numbers from this adventure we like to call "Winging It Our Way."
Total Miles on this ride, 2,811.
Total Number of Days  19.
Nights is a Motel, 5
Average Motel Cost$ 61.20, taking advantage of the motel coupon books, without the coupon books,  $105.00
Total Motel Expense, 5 nights, $349.00
Total Fuel Expense, $285.53 and average gallon of gas during trip was $3.67.
Food, including tips, $560.00
Total Trip Expense $1.194.00
Nights with family or friends 13, included being hosted for Air Show and book signing.
Average miles per day, 2811/17= 165 per day.
Longest day, October 16th, Fairfax, Va to Florence, S.C. 534 miles
Shortest day, October 14th, Culpeper, Va to Fairfax, Va, 60 miles.
Coldest Riding day, Anderson, Ind to Waynesburg, PA.  37 Degrees F= Wind Chill of approximately 23degrees F, with wind gusts of 25 to 30mph.
Average Wind Chill for 5 coldest days= 29 degrees F
Warmest day was the last leg into Clermont, 65 to 81 degrees F.
Today we did the Laundry, sorted the mail and paid the bills.  Already we look forward to our next chance to "Wing It Our Way."
We are thinking about a ride in November, and one for December.  We will let you all know, check us out once in a while and we will depend on our main man, Hink, to pass the word.
Thanks for following.
Marguerite and Bill

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