Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 Ride 6

We’ve tried to save the best for last, but the weather isn’t helping one bit. No rain, but cooler temperatures. Today we had to delay until almost 11 before jumping out into the cool breezes. We are taking the long way to Nashville, Indiana to position for a ride down Indiana Highway 135 south from Nashville to Salem, Indiana.

Our route takes us to the north so after leaving Linton on Highway 54 heading east we turn north on US 231, then merge onto 67 and finally 39 into Martinsville. From there it’s Indiana Highway 252 to Morgantown and Indiana 135 south to Nashville.

We arrive about 12:30 local, find a parking place for the Wing and head for the Nashville House for lunch. Nashville has been an artists’ colony for many years, and has become quite upscale. It’s a mixture of old Indiana Country and “The New Breed”. The Nashville House represents the old country side and we are glad for it. They specialize in things like fried biscuits, apple butter; a special style of coleslaw, sugar cured ham and fried chicken. It’s all good. Add a little sassafras tea and it’s a Southern Indiana Meal. It’s crowded, it’s a beautiful day and there are lots of “Leaf Lookers” about, so lunch takes an hour and we finally get out of there.

Highway 135 runs right through the center of town. At the edge of town Highway 46 and 135 run together for a couple miles then 135 turns due south and you soon realize that this is yet another great motorcycle road. It twists and turns down through Story, Freetown, Millport and Kossuth. We give at Salem. For the better part of over forty miles the Wing has only been straight and level for seconds at a time. The road is in excellent condition, the fall foliage is gorgeous to the point of distraction, and it’s just a marvelous ride. The temperature is even coming up but we are still not ready to shed jackets or anything else for that matter. I need a break; I’ve had a real work out and Marguerite is almost dizzy from trying to take pictures while the Wing is twisting and turning.

We refuel and water up in Salem trying to decide which way home. Neither of us wants to quit, we ‘d like to find just one more jewel of a ride before heading back to Linton but we both know that if we do, we’ll never make it back.

I’m looking at the road sign for Indiana Highway 60 west, so 60 it is and we head for Mitchell. There, it’s Highway 37 north to Oolitic and then 54 west through Avoca and Bloomfield again. We are starting to learn our way around. Even this route is a fun ride, not quite as challenging as 135.

We’ve been here for six days and have found a different and fun ride every day. We leave in the morning and have a plan for one last fun ride on our way out of Southern Indiana. Besides the chance to visit Aunt Norma, it’s been some of the best riding we’ve had a chance to do in a couple years. I look forward to being able to do it again; there are a lot of smaller roads out there yet to be discovered.

Tomorrow we head for Anderson, Indiana, and an evening at Hoosier Park Race Track and Casino. We’re gonna meet up with our buddy Jack Hinkle and another high school friend and watch the ponies run, should be great fun.

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