Monday, October 29, 2012

29 October, 2012

We've been home from our last ride to Southern Indiana and the Culpeper, Va. Air Show for a whole week now.  The mails caught up, the bills are paid, the laundry is done, and the oil on the Wing has been changed.  Marguerite says she's standing by, ready to go any time now.

     We are watching the "Frankenstorm" with great interest because we have friends all along the east coast.  Thinking good thoughts for them.
     For those of you who followed our 2,811 mile, 19 day ride we'd like to thank you for following along and hope you enjoyed the adventure with us.  We just recently decided to advertise our books in Wing World Magazine.  The first banner ad will appear 1 November and continue through December.  The ad contains our blog address, and for those folks that aren't familiar with our books I'm leaving all the current postings up for a few weeks just in case they'd like to read about our latest trip as well.  There is an archive at the bottom right of the blog.
  Below is a copy of the ad coming out in Wing World Magazine.

We have a couple rides in mind for November and December.  A ride up to Biloxi, Mississippi is always fun and it would allow us to run through the Apalachicola area in the "Big Bend" of Florida.  Apalachicola is known for their wonderful oysters and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.
     In December, we have a somewhat short trip planned for a Key West Run.  Key West is always a good idea and one of our favorite rides.
     We've penciled these rides in for now and won't know for a while if we can put them in "INK" but keep checking in the next couple of months.  We will change the blog the minute we are back "Winging It Our Way".


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