Friday, October 19, 2012

Hanging Out in Jacksonville

18&19 October, 2012
Thursday and Friday


After two hard riding 400 mile days to get here we are just hanging out with Andy and ME ( Mary Ellen).  Marguerite and I are both tired and even after a good nights sleep we are still dragging butt.
Andy likes to cook so he says he fixing a surprise Frittata, one of his specialties, which will restore our energy levels.

     He has a secret receipt for homemade corned beef hash and it's delicious.  After our great breakfast ME and Marguerite depart to get ME's new eye glasses she needs after some serious eye surgery. Andy and I spend the day chasing down some details for his swimming pool business.

     We all meet back at the house just in time for the cocktail hour and since ME found some really neat Martini glasses on sale, while waiting for her new glasses, we put them to good use.  After a great attitude adjustment hour we found our way down to a local Thai restaurant for a nice dinner.  Even with the healing qualities of Andy's secret receipt hash, Marguerite and I are still tired and we opt for an early night.


     This morning we have an adgenda but it won't include any secret Frittatas, we're visiting our old riding buddies here in Jacksonville.  Mel and Lou were are riding partners for years and we have missed them badly.  Due to circumstances beyond their control and now a couple of health issues they had to halt their Goldwinging It.  We hang out with them and talk over old times and then get back the Andy and ME's for some Estate Saling out near the beach.
     We found a couple of small treasures and then head to their son Michaels new beach house.  It's only new to him, but it's great.  It's also air show weekend and the Blue Angels are going to perform and today they are practicing so we get a "TwoFer", a tour of Michael's beach house and watch the Blue Angels practice.


    As you can see there are some really beautiful things growing in Michael's yard and Marguerite just couldn't resist a couple pictures of the beautiful flowers. 
     After our beachhouse tour ME had a special place for lunch out near Mayport Naval Air Station.
The seafood couldn't get any fresher.

     We had lunch right on the the pier of the Mayport Seafood Market.  Delicious stuff.

     It was a great afternoon and now it's back to the house and Bill and Marguerite get ready to go home tomorrow.  We will leave in the moring and head back to Clermont.
     Andy's already trying to decide what type Frittata he's going to fix for our departure.  I have a feeling some type of seafood may appear in it.

     Back on the Wing tomorrow.

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