Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jacksonville Bound

Wednesday, 17 October 2012
Florence, South Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida

Heading For Andy and MaryEllen's

We aren't allowed to pass through Jacksonville, Florida without checking in with our long time friends Andy and ME (Short for MaryEllen) and they aren't allowed to pass through our home town without checking in as well. 
     Marguerite called ME and gave her an ETA of about 3PM.  We leave the motel and jump right on I-95 south.  I've always hated this stretch.  Florence to Savannah, about 170 or so miles right through the "Great Dismal Swamp", Francis Marion country.  The road surface through here is terrible and there's not much to see. 
     The weather is overcast and it's cool again, 57 degrees but as we grind south it's getting warmer.  We keep hoping to see that sign we love and know we are at least back in the state.  Shortly after 1pm there it is!!!
     I remove my jacket while in the rest area but Marguerite says she's leaving everything on, not matter what.  It's only 77 and she thinks it's not hot enough yet to remove anything.
     Back out on I-95 south the fun and games are about to begin.  We decide to run right through the center of town.  We could take Highway 9-A which is a nice four lane road that runs around the east side of Jacksonville and has a spectacular bridge.  However, it's dark and ominious looking to the east and the wind is blowing like hell again and that makes it tough when you cross the bridge, so it's right down the middle for us.

Finally it's the end of the trail.  Another 400 mile day and we are glad to be off the road. It's 3:05pm



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